Askia Acquah Hanson – is a dedicated Pan-Africanist who has a wealth of experience working with African centered organizations in the diaspora. In 2015 while an undergrad student at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Askia founded the Ghanaian Student Association or Ghana Club at is more commonly known. The Ghana club showcased Ghanaian culture that dealt with social responsibility, community engagement/leadership, and fostering on-campus network with other student organizations in creating a positive environment for African development. In 2016 Askia joined Africans in Boston; a non-profit organization that was dedicated to riding the gap between Africa and the diaspora through professional networking and social engagements. Then in 2016, with other talented Pan-African entrepreneurs, Askia co-founded non-profit organization Progressive African Network dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in Africa and the diaspora. Then in 2018, Askia Hanson became a contributing writer for an online Pan-African media company called Face2Face Africa; which provides various insightful stories throughout Africa, and the African diaspora.

As a Ghanaian-American Muslim, with a bachelors in Sociology, and a minor in Africana studies, Askia is heavily invested in the development, and advancement of Africa, and the diaspora. Using the tools of social and multimedia, Askia works not only to be apart of rising African movement, but in creating and working platforms that produce content that challenges, re-writes the African/Black narrative that has been misrepresented for far too long in mainstream media/press. As an Ansah Africa advisor member, Askia brings a wealth of experience, hard-work, and strategic investment to be used to help create strategies that all help Ansah Africa meet its goals of supporting the NGOs in Ghana. Askia believes Africa, and more particular Ghana time is now, and we can no longer afford to wait for others do for us, in which we have the capability to do ourselves. Askia is currently seeking to go for his Masters in Sociology with a concentration more in race/ethnic, poverty, and urban development; with a minor in International relations.

Askia Hanson can be contacted by email or social media:

IG: @askiahansonsociologist

Facebook: Askia Acquah Hanson

Twitter: AskiaHanson_gh


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Esmeal Sheriff – a professional businessman and a project management practitioner, who was born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia the West African region, but currently residing in the United States of America. His passion has always been driven by business and the willingness to help others grow and succeed. As a professional, he achieved his undergraduate diploma in Business Administration in July of 2015 from The DeVry University of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Later, In December of 2016, he also achieved his Master’s in Project Management from the Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago, Illinois, USA, which currently stands as his area of expertise. Esmeal believes in higher achievement and believes that the way to success is waking up every day and doing it better than the previous day. Crafting a goal to pursuit can be tough in the beginning, but with passion, focus and  dedication, obtaining the results at the end can be rewarding. In addition to his professional achievements, Esmeal Sheriff is also a Certified Associate in Project Management, a global certification recognized and awarded by the Project Management Institute, Inc, in the United State of America.

Currently, he works as a project executive for a custom lighting and architectural lighting designs and manufacturing company in Massachusetts, USA. In previous organizations, he served in leadership roles applying his excellent leadership and growth development skills to enhance, add values and, contributing to the overall objectives of those organizations he worked for as well as his team members. Throughout his professional career he obtained results by combining project management knowledge and methodologies with business processes and systems to accomplish business goals and, moral principals and philosophies to obtain better results in life.

In recent times, he has dedicated himself to teaching, mentoring, lecturing and helping others grow professionally, socially and morally. He also provides business and professional knowledge that could enhance skills that are significant to professional growth in businesses, organizations, and life in general. His recent project undertaken earlier this year (2018) called Learning Never Stop was gear towards helping young professionals in developing countries enhance their skills through lecture seminars and knowledge sharing forums.

It is his goal to keep up his passion and remain motivated as he pushes forward to the next journey of his professional life. His passions and understanding of business in addition to his professional experiences will always remind him of the significant and the attributes that make a business successful. In this new journey as a member of the advisory team, his interests are focus on business sustainability and providing project management support to Non-profits or NGOs who are undertaken local projects that are awarding to their communities or environment. This will give startups the advantage to sustain their growth and remain competitive in their marketplace and help the organizations deliver their projects successfully. It is an honor to be recognized and also have the opportunity to dedicate the time and effort to this initiative, fully aware of the impacts it has on the people, the communities, and
dwelling of society.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Esmeal Sheriff.

For more information, he can be reached: 

LinkedIn, Twitter and via email at

Phone: 7025302135.

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