Harold Nettey, the Leader of Drug Advocacy Foundation, is a 53 year old Ghanaian resident. He had the Ordinary and Advanced level education and started working immediately at a young age. Harold worked first at the airport as a clearing agent and later years did work at Provident Insurance Company and eventually worked at the American Embassy as a Surveillance Detection Officer. While working, he was struggling with Drug Addiction. His addiction problems started as a result of peer pressure and curiosity when in school as he started with marijuana and in later years got addicted to cocaine and heroine. This went on for more than 21yrs from 1991 to 2012 when Harold finally checked into CHOSEN Rehab.

In his addiction life, he lost everything acquired whilst working. But what  hurt him most was the love and trust lost of family and friends. Addiction to drugs turned him into a habitual liar and a petty thief. Harold’s whole life became worthless and unmanageable and at a point in time became suicidal. However, God delivers and that was when he voluntarily checked into the rehab in November 2012. He stayed for 18 months and became Assist leader of the House and his last 7 months became the Supervisor of the rehab with about 70 addicts under his care.

Finally left the rehab to work with the Security Dept. of Action Chapel where Harold was employed for 2 and a half years. Whilst at Action, he decided to use his story and testimony to educate the youth about the dangers of Drug Addiction and other addictions to also overcome their drug use. So on his off days he went to Junior High Schools to talk to the pupils to stay away from drugs and also to some ghettos to help addicts who were willing to overcome their addiction and check them into various rehab. Some of those addicts are doing very well now by the grace of God and it was based on this experience that Harold took it upon himself to start Drug Advocacy Foundation, which he registered as an NGO and finally left Action Chapel to concentrate on his Foundation.

They are a baby organisation but have done some advocacy programmes in Senior and Junior High Schools across the cities of Ghana and also partnered with a few NGOs that focus on youth to do few programs. Harold has done a number of media shows talking on Drug Addiction, Rehabilitation and Recovery. He was instrumental in starting a programme on ADDICTION with a local TV station ATINKA TV, which is still running.

It is the vision of his Foundation to take advocacy on Drug Addiction, its consequences and abstinence to as many schools across the nation of Ghana with the aim of savingbour youth from becoming addicts and to help them achieve their aims in life.

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Comfort Glikpo, the Leader of Dels Foundation, is a Social Change Maker, Social Entrepreneur and Youth Activist with interest in young generations and an activist of sexual reproductive health issues. She is a youth mentor and coach and loves
to volunteer. She mentors many young people and helps them develop vital skills to impact their Communities.

She is the founder of Dels Foundation, a nongovernmental organization with the aspiration to fill in the gap by
empowering women and girls to through Sexual Reproductive health education and mentoring to
harness their potentials. She organizes many conferences on SRHR, Education on Menstrual Hygiene
through the Pride of Being A Girl Projects, which is making a lot of impacts in the lives of many young
Comfort Glikpo has a Master of Arts Degree in Public Affairs from the Political Science Department of
the University of Ghana and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and English also from the
University of Ghana. She also holds a certificate in Community Development Leadership from the Coady
Institute in Canada and a certificate in NGO Operations and Project Management from the Cambridge
Institute. She is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Regional Leadership Center, Alumnus

Her ambition is to serve humanity and mentor several young people. She has volunteered on many
projects for the furtherance of this purpose. She volunteered with UNICEF UK in Holborn, The sickle
cell unit of the Korle-bu teaching Hospital in Ghana, Central Rappahannock Regional Library and Fredericksburg
Regional Food Bank all in Virginia, USA. Comfort is also a volunteer Assessor with YALI, RLC just to mention a few.
She is a fellow of the Young African Leadership Network and a member of the Commonwealth Youth

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Samson Mensah, the Leader of AEDI, is a teacher of junior high school students. He tapped into his passionate desire to share knowledge with the young, and aptly expressed it as charged to teach and support with the foundation preparations of the
primary pupils. His previous field experience also paved the way for him to be promoted to teach at the JHS. Samson taught and generally supported the preparation activities for the school’s graduating JHS pupils. His immense contribution helped to groom the pupils both academically and psychologically as they prepared for challenges in life.

As GENERAL SECRETARY of Royal Warriors of Christ Ministries International (ROWAC), Samson has been the administrative secretary of their youth-based group focused on transforming the lives and livelihoods of the youths by assisting them with programs/ projects, tailored to mold them to become proactive, responsible and reliable members of their communities. In addition, he periodically duplicates functions and serves as project supervisor/ trainer during some of the skills and capacity enhancement programs by the organization.

He’s passionate about research, reading, writing and exploring new lands/horizons to make positive difference. Samson also enjoys watching football and playing soccer video games, as well as listening to music. LIFE PHILOSOPHY: “Harmony is where the displaced finally blends to produce benefits.” PERSONAL CONVICTION: “A man shall receive in the measure he gives.” MOTIVATION: “See a man diligent in his work; he shall stand before great men.”

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Husseina Ibrahim Adongo, the Leader of MAMPHEC, is a 25 year old graduate of the University for Development Studies- Tamale Campus holding a BED Health Science Education and just completed her National Service. She is interested in Health and Education  and advocates about health on various platforms, especially among Junior High Students and Senior High Students.

She is currently working to help people become conscious about their health and also pushing to help people (especially those in deprived communities) achieve better health through Radio Health Talk, Health Screening, Face to Face health talk with students in schools, blood donations to hospitals and clean up exercises.

She is the head to the Muslim Access Movement Public Health Education Committee( MAMPHEC), a sub committee of the Organization Muslim Access Movement (MAM) and the Deputy Women’s Organizer for Ghana Muslim Students Association (National Secretariat).

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Baffour Osei Bonsu, the Leader for Glory Aged Foundation and Kumasi Regional Director of VisualAid GH, completed University Of Education, Winneba Kumasi Campus and graduated with Second Class Honors in Information Technology. He is the founder and C.E.O. of Glory Aged Foundation and his organization provides homecare care services for the elderly living in Kumasi. Baffour brings further experience as a past IT Manager with the Road Users Empowerment Centre and as the former IT Assistant to the Director of Ghana Adventist Health Service. He is dynamic in his technical abilities while staying dedicated to result driven approaches to research and implementation.

Baffour has spearheaded the VisualAid (United States of America Organization) initiatives of increasing literacy, access to education, and workforce development training. His responsibilities included bringing together partners for initiatives, programs, and enhancing community participation and providing sound advocacy to achieve our ambitious goals throughout Kumasi and spreading it throughout all of Ghana.

With his management belief based on integrity, quality and service, along with a positive attitude for
strategic thought and planning, and the ability to adapt quickly to new ideas and situations Baffour can
work to the demands of the company to achieve its vision. Lastly, he is a part of the Global Shapers Community and African Coalition, which are both based outside of Africa/Ghana.

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Amanda Naa Darkua Dodoo, the Leader of Readhere Livehere Foundation, was born on June 16 th 1992 in Accra Ghana to, Frederick Nii Amoo Dodoo and Carol Naa Akyaawah Barnor. Her dad and mum have been a philanthropist and educationist from
the very point I noticed them as my parents. She believes she carried the love to help others from her parents. Her early childhood was a typical middle class circa were I had most of my extended family living together in the same compound, they all learned how to love, appreciate each other and extend the little we have to others.

Her dad started The Djanman Community Library and left it in my care after she graduated from the university, but kept a close eye on the project. Her mother is into trading and she is still running her business. Growing up as the eldest of seven children from spilt parents and different mothers was not difficult, because parents kept a close eye on our attitudes, education and morals. Amanda lived between parents, but stayed with dad in secondary school year and returned to mum during tertiary school years.

Right from crèche, primary and secondary, she has always been interested in reading, writing, philanthropy, and business. This she believe is a result of growing up in an extended family setting with different views, opinions and life style. Amanda doesn’t have a lot of friends because of family circle gives her the opportunity to make friends within. She is an introvert, but her work and business has helped to overcome this challenge.

Right after tertiary education in the Ghana Institute of Journalism 2016, Amanda started national service with National Population Council as an assistant administrative officer to assist in registry, where she served for a year and continued service for an extra year hoping to gain employment, but the government had placed a ban on employment into public services. Being a true believer of the gospel of Christ Jesus, Amanda was put in charge of children service. Where she wrote stage drama for both the children and youth in her church Kingdom Vision International Gospel Church. Later the Light House Chapel Ebenezer Down branch now Mega Church Ebenezer Down branch noticed her talent and she began to write drama and poems for them. Where she became their drama matron. Later Amanda gained employment in a law firm, Romanlevi and Associate, as administrative secretary, but she had to heed to dad’s call to serve community and humanity. She returned to Pokuase Djanman to focus on the library project and out of the project developed Readhere Livehere Foundation. This where the children do not only read and write, but cultivate the habit of depicting what they learn on stage and outside the community. Under the foundation’s mandate, we spread education not only within the community, but across the country, by donating books, clothes and food with the help of foreign trustees and are a great help to Readhere Livehere Foundation.

Her short term goal is to exercise past and present experience to the maximum by participating effectively and efficiently to team work and be part of a great philanthropic success story. Her long term goal is to contribute my enthusiasm, reliability, integrity and
perseverance to fulfil a permanent establishment where everyone can learn from and be part.

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Fitzgerald Derek Goku, the Leader of Educare Charity Foundation, is a good Agriculturist and a Forester, with much expertise in protecting environment to help protect nature within the ecosystem. He is a result oriented Senior Technical Officer with a successful background in the training of rural farmers. Experienced in working with rural farmers who are into cash crop production and the production of non- traditional agricultural produce, with the primary focus of improving and sustaining their livelihood. Possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and team work ability, enjoys being part of a productive team and can work under little or no supervision, very proactive and time oriented.

In the past and present, Fitzgerald has held the following positions of experience:

  • Agricultural Students Union, Ohawu Agricultural College : Secretary
    Wildlife Club, Ohawu Agricultural College: President
    Football team, Ohawu Agricultural College : Team Captain
    Students Representative Council. University of Cape Coast: Course Representative.
    Cocobod, Adabokrom District CODAPEC Supervisor
    Cocobod, Adabokrom District: Welfare District Rep.
    Education Charity Foundation Ghana: Co-founder and Coordinator

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Ibrahim Mustapha, the Leader of Me for Africa, is a World Renowned Motivational speaker and a professional Marketing consultant, who assist people in releasing negative beliefs and habits while empowering them to draw on their inner power to focus on achievement.

Ibrahim Mustapha is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum with the Tamale Hub. Ibrahim Mustapha has participated and facilitated in local and international conferences, and has been featured on over 100 radio/TV programs, including DW TV, CNBC AFRica, SABC. In 2017, he facilitated a Leadership Development Training session for Global Shaper’s Annual Curators Meeting at the World Economic Forums Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

He has consulted and facilitated training sessions for many organizations, including The World Economic Forum (Switzerland), Beijing Axis (China), Olive School of Journalism (Ghana), Create Change (Ghana), NTV Ghana, Fidelity Bank (Tamale Branch), MultiCredit (Tamale Branch) Agape Moringa Processing, Markaz Al-Bishara Child Development Center, Tamale Technical University, Enactus Ghana, University for Development Studies and many others on Leadership, Career Development, Sales, Customer Care, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development. Mustapha is the author of The Confident Speaker: Tools to overcome your fear of Public Speaking.”

Ibrahim Mustapha holds a B.Sc Degree in Business Administration from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology as well as a Higher National Diploma in Accounting from Tamale Polytechnic.

He is the Founder & Team Leader of the Public Speaking & Entrepreneurship Institute as well as the founder of Me For Africa, an NGO operating in Ghana. He previously worked as a Program Coordinator for Africa ICT Right, a Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana, and now serves on the Board of three organizations.

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Nuhu Halima Gambo, the Leader of My Hereafter Project, is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Leadership, Public Speaking, Microsoft Office, and Social Media. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Health Science from University for Development Studies in Ghana.

As volunteers for Balloon Ventures, she trained to assist start up entrepreneurs in building a strong business.

As a content creator, people can read her short interesting stories to relax their nerves at her blog site, http://ummuabuuha.blogspot.com/.

As a Designer and CEO of Ummuabuuha Creations, consumers feel comfortable and smooth on the inside by her products. A touch of African beauty on the outside. We design African print bedspread/Duvet, curtains, sofa covers and Many more. Puffed with a skin soothing white cotton cloth to give you the warmth, and comfort necessary as it beautify your moments.

As a partner organization to United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN-SDSN), her My Hereafter Project is working to partner with as many organizations in the world to provide support to people across Ghana.

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